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Artemisinin 500mg Capsules


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Artemisinin Description

Hawaiian Herbal Artemisinin Capsules To Support Gastrointestinal Health .It Is A Dietary Supplements.Health Benefits: Acts As A Bitter And Carminative, Nutritional Support Of The Gastrointestinal Tract, Can Promote Gut Health, Can Promote Digestion By Enhancing Secretion Of Digestive Enzymes And Bile, Can Relieve From Constipation And Indigestion, Help Maintain A Healthy Balance Of Normal Bacteria In The Intestines, Has Antimalarial Properties Can Help In Malaria, Can Boost Body’s Immune System And Natural Healing Process, Promote Detoxification Of Body And General Maintenance, Support Healthy Skin And Relieve From Many Skin Problems Such As Itching, Infections Etc. Artemisinin also for Covid, Cancer.

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Directions For Use

  • Take One Capsule Twice Daily On An Empty Stomach Or At Least Half An Hour Before Morning And Evening Meal. For Better Result, Continue To Use For 6-12 Months.


  • As With Any Supplement, If You Are Pregnant, Nursing Or Taking Medication, Consult Your Doctor Before Use, Discontinue Use Two Weeks Prior To Surgery. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease.

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